Thursday, 30 November 2017


Zodiac signs and horoscopes have always been a subject of curiosity. You often find yourself going through your everyday horoscope and wearing your lucky colors or your lucky stones for good luck. Digging in deep in the Zodiac study, mentioned below are your lucky birthstones based on your zodiac sign:

1.      Aquarius: Aquarians are friendly, independent and intellectual. Matching their personality, Garnet is their zodiac birthstone. The January Birthstone, Garnet, is traditionally a burgundy red colored gemstone.
2.   Pisces: Amethyst is the zodiac birthstone for all the compassionate and imaginative Pisceans. This zodiac comprises of the dreamers and healers of the horoscope family. Ranging from light lavender rose to almost a purple-black, Amethyst is the February birthstone.
3.      Aries: Matching the adventurous and energetic personality of all the Arians, Bloodstone is the zodiac birthstone for all the March born. Showcasing attributes of good health, love and hope, Bloodstone was believed to have miraculous powers.
4.      Taurus: Sapphire is the zodiac birthstone for all the patient and warm-hearted Taurus. The most popular color of Sapphire is blue and it is believed to have medical and spiritual healing properties.
5.      Gemini: The zodiac birthstone for all the youthful and lively Gemini is Agate. The stone is said to possess strengthening and stabilizing energy that helps you in your daily tasks.
6.      Cancer: Emotional and intuitive Cancer has Emerald as her zodiac birthstone. This green colored May birthstone symbolizes rebirth, renewed youth and good fortune.
7.      Leo: Leos are perceived to be creative and enthusiastic people. Onyx is the zodiac birthstone for all the Leos and this dark and brooding quartz keeps the mind free from societal expectations and self-doubt.
8.      Virgo: With Carnelian as her zodiac birthstone, Virgos are believed to be practical and diligent. The color of Carnelian ranges from clear-to-translucent reddish-brown to an intense almost black. Possessing the qualities of a stabilising stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity.
9.      Libra: Librans are thought to be highly romantic and charming. Chrysolite is the zodiac birthstone for all the Librans and this stone is believed to bring good luck, riddance of troubles and prosperity to its owner.
10.  Scorpio: Considered to be passionate and magnetic, the Scorpions have Beryl as their zodiac birthstone. Beryl is often colorless and the energies of this stone fill you with courage and confidence.
11.  Sagittarius: Sagittarians are freedom loving and philosophical people. Matching their intellectual traits, Citrine is the zodiac birthstone for all the Sagittarians. This semi-precious, burnt-orange colored gemstone is associated with life and strength of body and mind.
12.  Capricorn: With their birthdays in the last month of the year, all the Capricorns are disciplined and ambitious. The red colored gemstone, Ruby, is the zodiac birthstone for all the December born and it is believed to bring harmony and peace to the life of the wearer. 

You can wear your birthstone with ease by getting it embedded in a gold ring or some other jewelry piece like a pendant or earring. If you don’t wish to get your ring customized, you can simply go out to a jewelry store, online or offline, and select the accessories carrying your birthstone. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Wedding Celebration with BIBA

Hey Everyone!
I am sure you guys must be attending a lot of weddings this time of the year. I just came back from a wedding of a very old friend of mine. I was so excited to see her after all these years.
And I guess the major excitement for us ladies is deciding what to wear and how to accessorize it. I get very paranoid when it comes to dressing up for weddings. I like to go a little OTT at times!!

I really like to be dressed in Sarees for weddings but these days there are so many beautiful Anarkalis and Kurtas to choose from, it has become even more fun to create different ensembles for each ceremony.

BIBA is one label that comes up with very exclusive clothing options for women all around the year and for all kinds of occasions. I really liked their recent Autum/Winter 2015 collection specially the cotton anarkalis with such unique prints.

Are you confused about dressing up for an upcoming wedding? Is it a friend? Are you excited yet panicked about celebrating your best friend's wedding? Read along to see some outfits I picked up from Biba's collection that should be perfect for just that!

I think this outfit is absolutely perfect for a Mehndi or Sangeet ceremony. This would mostly be a day function so I would keep it really colorful.

 From a very colorful day dress, I would go to a more mysterious and off-beat ensemble in all black with silver accents.

The reception calls for a vibrant pink or majestic maroon with very royal accessories. I would style this outfit with a lot of gold! 

So what do you think about these wedding inspired outfit ideas? How would you celebrate your best friend's wedding?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Winter Wonderland

Hey everyone! 
So I was thinking of writing about the greatest thing of this century. Online shopping! I know!
The satisfaction of finding that one thing you have been lusting over for over a month and finally being able to purchase it and getting it delivered to your doorstep, not to forget without even having to leave your blanket, is definitely a boon.

And among the hundreds of websites, I think one very useful portal is
Ebay is a one stop shop for all your needs including the once in a while quirky finds, if you are lucky.
Also, being a marketplace, you have a lot of options and very good deals.

I also wanted to share that Ebay has their own dedicated Ebay Blog on fashion & lifestyle. You can find very good articles on fashion, outfit ideas, style, and so much more.

So I was thrilled when Ebay contacted me to write a guest post for their blog. 
Head over to their blog to read my post about Winter Dressing Tips where I talk about outfit ideas for winter.

I hope you like my ideas. 
Do let me know if you have also found some unique or quirky items on

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Feeling festive with Myntra

Festive in India means a month long extravaganza of shopping, going out, meeting friends & family, lots of food & loads of celebration. For me its mostly food & shopping and with the options that are available around this time of the year, you are sure to get spoiled....or confused maybe.

This time I am really fascinated with the royal blue color that's popping up almost everywhere. So today I have created Ethnic Looks that I plan on wearing this Festive Season using products I found on

Myntra, Wishful by W, ethnic look, festive look, diwali, ethnic wear

I love the Blue Churidar Kurta from W and I plan to pair this with simple accessories when I wear this to a Diwali Party with my friends & family.

If you too want to shop this look, here are the details - 

Blue Churidar Kurta - Wishful by W
Antique Gold Sandals - Catwalk
Pink Drop Earrings - Anouk
Watch - Titan Raga
Potli Bag - Anouk

The next look is a little muted as compared to the first one. 

Myntra, Wishful by W, ethnic look, festive look, diwali, ethnic wear, Fabindia

I think this Black & White Suit set is gorgeous and paired with colorful accessories I think it would be a hit at any office/formal festive party.

Shop the look -

Churidar Kurta Set - Wishful by W
Printed Clutch - Fabindia
Gold Green Wedges - Catwalk
Finger Ring - Bindhani
Earrings - Bindhani

Festive season also calls for day time dressing up for religious occasions or a simple lunch with relatives. So I created this day look that keeps it simple yet doesn't take the festive feel away.

Myntra, ethnic look, festive look, diwali, ethnic wear, Sattya, Anouk

I will definitely wear this look the next time I go for a family lunch.

Shop the look -

Printed Anarkali - Sattyaa
Blue Leggings - Dressberry
Gold Heels - Sole-Fry
Potli Bag - Toniq
Earrings - Anouk
Orange Bangles - Flaunt
Gold Bangles - Tribal Zone

All these lovely products & many more can be easily shopped at right from the comfort of your home. 

How are you dressing up this festive season?

Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ritu Kumar @ is a New York based online retailer of Indian-inspired apparel, jewelry and accessories. Founded by four Indian-American, has become the largest online Indian apparel retailer with a members-only private sale for many Indian designer wear including Ritu Kumar.

Ritu Kumar is back this season with her A/W 2014 collection which is a mix of Indian ethnic style with a global appeal. This ensemble fits everyone ‘s choice and every occasion and is available solely on If you are confused about your weekend style let take you through the new and suggests some styling tips.

  • Start your morning with a printed tunic and grab a nice wholesome breakfast with your friends. Pair it with denims or leggings and you surely can see a hearty day ahead.
RITU KUMAR Fuchsia Paisley Printed Tunic

  •  Move on to some printed skirts that come with match dupattas and a solid tunic for a shopping run in the morning. Add a pair of silver jhumkas and a bunch of silver bangles to accentuate the look.
RITU KUMAR Fuchsia Floral Lengha Set with Reversible Top

  • Its 2 Pm and this is your perfect time to pick a nice midi dress in a solid color or a printed one and go simple for a lunch time with the girls.
RITU KUMAR Green and Blue Abstract Printed Front Knot Dres

  • After a busy day so far how about changing into a comfortable cotton anarkali. One must look elegant even at home!
RITU KUMAR Vanilla Cream Tent Style Printed Suit

  • To end the day with the final look, one can decide between a jumpsuit or maxi dress and pair it with dangling earrings and a nice hand cuff for the perfect date.
RITU KUMAR Black Jumpsuit with Zipper Accents
RITU KUMAR Carmine Red Long Wrap Around Dress

And this is how Ritu Kumar completes your day and makes you look lovely throughout. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring home a Ritu Kumar outfit before the stocks end only from 

When: Now!

Inline image 1

Sunday, 20 July 2014

When in doubt, go Irish!

"Alcohol is man's worst enemy but the Bible says love your enemey"

And that is exactly what we do! :-p

So last week my sister and I went to meet our childhood friend since both of them were in town after a very long time.
We went to the newly opened Irish Pub in broad daylight. And obviously it was empty because who goes to a pub at 1 in the afternoon. But we ended up having a great time and we laughed a lot! The food was good but the place is definitely over priced because we got a massive bill later on :-p
I wore my amazing Alto Moda black paneled jeggings with an over sized dolman sleeved top from AND.

Fascinations and Fixations, Uparna Das, AND, Alto Moda, Addons, Irish House, Blue,

Fascinations and Fixations, Uparna Das, AND, Alto Moda, Addons, Irish House, Vero Moda

Fascinations and Fixations, Uparna Das, AND, Alto Moda, Addons, Irish House, Corona, Vero Moda

Fascinations and Fixations, Irish House, Corona, Chicken Cream Sauce Penne Pasta

Fascinations and Fixations, Irish House

Fascinations and Fixations, Uparna Das, AND, Alto Moda, Addons, Irish House
Frizzy Hair :-p
I am wearing -
Top - AND
Jeggings - Alto Moda(Pantaloons)
Ballet Flats - Sarojini Nagar(Delhi)
Tote Bag - Shopping Bag from Chemistry
Necklace - Addons
Watch - French Connection

Until next time!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

OOTD with Triveni Sarees!

Hi Everyone!
I am really excited to share with you my shopping experience with Triveni Sarees! is an online shopping portal for an exquisite range of Indian wear. So I was thrilled when they approached me for a outfit post on my blog. 
I was really impressed by the collection they had online and finally chose an anarkali style embroidered cotton salwar suit in cream & green. After filling up a very detailed measurement sheet, finally my order was in place and I received the lovely outfit in just 24 days. It was accompanied with straight pants that I had ordered and a very pretty duppatta.

Here's a first look of the outfit!

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

Sadly the straight pants was a little tight, so I paired the kurta with a churidaar and it still looked fabulous. Here are the final images of my OOTD with Triveni Sarees!

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

This is the actual green color of the outfit. In all the other pictures, it looks kind of teal blue.

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

I love the embroidery on the neckline, which looks like a very pretty necklace.

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

The fitting of the kurta was perfect and I really loved it! The color is very rich and goes really well with the cream base. The kurta is made in Cotton with Chiffon sleeves and the duppatta is in Georgette.

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

The embroidery on the sleeves is done very neatly and I don't know about you guys but I feel it helps in slimming my fat arms. Happy me :-) ! 

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

Here is what I saw on the website and what I actually got. Definitely a difference in color but I like the actual one more than the one on the website.

OOTD with Triveni Sarees

I'll just wrap this up with a brief introduction of Triveni Sarees - 

Triveni Sarees is a 29 year old institution set up by Mr Giridhar Saraf, which until recently only manufactured sarees but have now introduced Salwar Suits, Lehenga Cholis, Lehenga Sarees etc.

We feature all the enduring classics a woman is fond of which includes stylish-trendy classic Indian traditional sarees, Indian Lehenga cholis, salwar kameej, kurtis and many more. We bring to you an outstanding quality with a mixture of fashion and style.

We believe the Saree is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe, and the Saree is truly international. Here at our patrons are assured of the finest quality and the best prices. Each creation that flows out of our stores is a new-age expression of age-old tradition. Our online storefront also saves them from the hassle of making physical trips. All our products are shipped through best shipping companies and are delivered within 5 days of an order.

*Outfit sponsored by All opinions are my own