Monday, 11 July 2011

Hello world!

Hello everyone….I’m just another girl obsessed with a new thing every new day!

But anyways….I’m here to share my obsessions!

So here’s what I’m obsessing about right now!

The color Peapod, named by Pantone and this is one of the colors of the Pantone spring summer 2011 color forecast. It’s a very invigorating color and of course it’s the accent color of my blog! I’ve been obsessed with this hue for a long time now, only the shades keep on changing.

And that’s me wearing the same shade!

Plus size fashion blogs. As I’m also a plus sized girl and I love fashion and clothes, it’s a perfect match!

These are just a few of the plus sized fashion blogs that I love! There are more…

Getting awesome pictures of me taken! This has been a recent development since some time back I was not so confident about myself but after looking at the aforementioned bloggers, I was motivated!

As everyone knows, Photoshop is amazing software for editing or morphing digital pictures and as a lot of other much talented people, I like to try my hand at image morphing from time to time.

Am I good at it….? Well that’s for you to judge!

I tried to create a glam v/s grunge feel. I got inspired by this image of Madonna, in Louis Vuitton’s Fall Winter 2009-2010 ad campaign. It was absolutely glamorous and I just grunge-d   it up a bit!

These are my college friends; not all are here though; and this picture is from our last house party back in college. I was really missing the good times and my friends so I made this!

Ok, you’ll see more on this as the blog upgrades.

And also

'Right there' by Nicole Scherizinger featuring 50 Cent


  1. Very innovative !
    Keep up the good work n keep posting :)