Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It's different in a Miss Chase!

Are you often caught up with the problem of having nothing to wear when in fact you are staring at a wardrobe full of clothes? Well we all face this some time or the other.

So I have some good news for all you damsels in distress.

I was recently contacted by a soon to be launched women’s wear fashion brand,      
Miss Chase.
Miss Chase is a fast fashion brand that brings to you fabulous & chic European designs at really affordable prices. Designed & conceptualized keeping international trends in mind, by a team of industry experts from NIFT, London College of Fashion, Domus Academy of Fashion, they are determined to take away your closet crises forever.
I love the fact that they create designs that are not only flirty & feminine but also bold, defined & polished.
You can be sure to fall in love with their clothes because it's different in a Miss Chase! Plus they also have nightwear, lingerie & accessories!
Okay enough with the talking; I am sure you want to have a glimpse of everything….

I am sure you are also in love with the clothes now but wait! That’s not all….

Miss Chase is an online shopping website, which is great I know, and they are about to launch very soon so they have some special offers for all you lovely readers.

First up is the Secret Shop. Once you go on the website you can avail from a lot of amazing products but there is a restricted secret shop full of exclusive options, like a VIP area and you have to pay a price to enter. You are wondering why so? Relax, it’s not that complicated. Miss Chase will request you to refer them to your friends and once you have referred to 5 friends, the Secret Shop comes out open for you. See it’s that simple!

Okay, now the second surprise. Miss Chase hasn’t yet launched the online shop but they are having a pre-launch, and we are all invited. They will have a limited variety of designs available for purchase.
So take down this code and rush to their website.

So what are you waiting for? Rush to their website now!

But wait! They have more for us....
Just for you lovely people they are giving a 10% discount coupon. Grab this opportunity now & rush to their website! 
Use this code for the discount!

The discount coupon is valid upto three months from the date of issue & can only be used once per transaction

Miss Chase is very Social. Find them on Facebook & Twitter

Signing off with the words of Miss Chase

Don’t Blend In, Stand Out!

Do share with me what you liked or bought!

Friday, 18 January 2013

How to bring the Runway into your Wardrobe?

I know we all look at the never ending fashion shows on Ftv and wonder if we could ever dress like those models, atleast a bit similar maybe? Well it's not impossible but with a little creative mind I am sure even you can put up a runway look all on your own!
Talking about runway shows, brings to our minds fashion & trends. And as the Spring Summer 2013 shows just went by, why not take some inspiration and do some trend talking?

I will take one very simple trend today - Graphic Stripes.
It has to be stripes. Horizontal, Vertical, Cross, it doesn't matter. But it has to be in Black & White.
So lets take a look at some of the best from the runway.

Since those are out of my reach, here are some reasonable ones from my favorite high-fashion brands.

And for here's how to dress the graphic stripe look. I would add lots of bright colors to compliment the blandness of the black & white. Here's how to bring the runway into your wardrobe!

Pick any two complimentary colors and use that to colorize the outfit. On the contrary, you could also go for neutral colored bag & shoes but go crazy on the jewelry & make-up.

The only thing to keep in mind is never to overdo the stripes look. You should always concentrate on one key item which should be the focus. Everything else should only compliment or enhance the focal point but never overpower it.

Now for the budget fashionistas, here's the 'in my budget' look.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2013 Trends - Statement Sunglasses

Most runway trends are always difficult to carry off but this time we had some interesting easily wearable trends for Spring Summer 2013. And one of them is Statement Sunglasses. Here's a few examples of sunglasses that can be easily added to your daily wardrobe.

Well don't worry if these are not in your budget, because you can always make your own. Take a look at these tutorials on how easily you can make your regular sunglasses into a statement one.

D.I.Y Sequin Sunglasses from Shoutmag.co.uk

D.I.Y Floral Sunglasses from Honestlywtf.com

D.I.Y Bejewelled Sunglasses from Matterofstyle.blogspot.in 

I really like the bejewelled one and I will definitely try this out. Which one will you guys try. 
Check them out and do share if you do try out one.

Till Next time....

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Shop Anra

Hello all you lovely people! 
I hope this new year has brought new life, new desires, new adventures and a lot of other 'new's to all of your lives!

Well today I would like to show you guys a little more of my collection from my brand Anra. I did a photo shoot a couple of weeks earlier and I wanted to share those here.
Also, very soon I am starting a shop here itself so that if you like something, you can directly buy from my blog.

The Shirt Kurta - a bright yellow base with contrasting navy blue piping and frills on the neckline. This kurta has a zari pattern border on the sleeves.

The Anra dress - a very gracefull dress with gathers below yoke, made with woven patterned fabric.

The Asymmetric dress - a little asymmetric cut dress, with straps on shoulder, and gold tissue piping on edges.

Jamdani patterns

The half n half dress - a short dress/kurta made with two different patterned fabric blended to create a unique look.

The Vest/Blouse - made with a all over woven pattern fabric, this piece can be worn as a vest over a shirt or as a blouse with a saree.

The handkerchief top - made with a beautiful pattern jamdani fabric, this top is made with handkerchief hemline with a long belt.

I hope you like these. For more images do visit my Facebook Page - Anra

You can also like my Facebook page through the widget on the right sidebar.
My shop will be up & running very soon. Do come back to check it out.

Till then...