Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Where was I...?

I got into doing a little work the past few weeks.

A friend back from college asked me to make his portfolio so I was busy doing that.

Layouts, grids, web design; it’s not something I do always but it’s something I like to try my hands on sometimes.

This is the cover page.  I added a few sample work images on this page to create some interest, so that you actually go ahead and flip through it and see the rest.

The Resume page

I put his work categorically under these heads.

This was the basic layout for all the work pages, with the main heads on the left side of the page and the next images on the right side; for easy navigation.

All work done in Adobe Indesign and exported to a flash file.

Also, I got some freelance work to do. A friend of my friend had some images that needed editing for a fashion catalogue.



Well that's enough for now....

I'm trying to post some styling photo shoots....let's see what comes up!

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