Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's all about the mystery...


It’s true that now and again when I flip through the newspaper pretending that I’m reading the news, I’m actually looking for the page with astrological predictions.

A lot of us may say that we believe in predictions and not a day goes by when we leave the house without reading what’s going to happen to me (and a million other Virgos) through the day! But is it really true that a person sitting far away from us can decide what’s going to happen to us in the next few days? And then happily publish it!

I believe that fate can’t be decided. Last Saturday, while crossing the road, I was almost hit by a truck which I hadn’t noticed while walking. I believe that eons of years ago I was placed at that exact same spot where I would years later be almost hit by a truck! Now I don’t believe that some newspaper wrote that or that this same incident happened to a million other Virgos.

I think zodiac signs are merely a system to generalize the world population into categories based on their personalities. Why? I have no idea!

And I also feel that these predictions mostly make a psychological impact on our brains and we relate to it some way or the other because first thing in the morning we train our brains that this is going to happen to us!

 I’m a Virgo which means I should be a perfectionist. Sadly, I’m not….sometimes! Although it’s true when it comes to my blog. I will edit my pictures for days and still think that the lighting is not perfect!

Modest and Shy – are my and my sign’s biggest traits. The reason I don’t have many outfit posts yet.

Virgos are known to be meticulous, reliable, practical, diligent, intelligent and analytical. I have been found to be reliable and practical but the rest I have no idea!

And also – Fussy and a worrier, Overcritical and harsh, Perfectionist and conservative. I will say I’m extremely fussy. I don’t eat food that does not look good. And I’m awfully overcritical and harsh. I cannot walk by the street and not comment on what people are wearing (in my head)!

Virgos like - Cleanliness, animals, healthy foods, books, nature – of which I certainly do not like animals (any) and healthy food (I like to imagine that I do)!

They say Virgos like to serve. I definitely like to be served. They are very good friends, so am I!

Virgos have the uncanny sense to see what's wrong with a person, a situation or your environment. It's why Virgo makes such natural critics. This seems very true about me!

Virgo might be a "clean freak," but most Virgos have a messy closet somewhere or a disaster under their bed. Extremely true for me.

I read somewhere that if you are travelling with a Virgo, you can never be late. This is absolutely true. I am never late anywhere. It's like I have a clock inside me.

Having said that, I will say that even though I don’t believe in predictions, I do like to know what the stars have to say about me once in a while. And I’ve never had an experience where I read a prediction and it came out to be true!

I think it's just that I love things that I don’t understand and is not in my control! Do you do too?

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