Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello everyone....

As I had said, two very popular New Delhi bloggers had come to our exhibition and they had loved the collection. Well we have been featured in their blog.

Shaily Khera is an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger based in New Delhi. She blogs about everyday fashion, events, lifestyle, her love for Indian vintage etc. in her blog Confessionz of a Closet.

Bhawna Yadav is also another awesome fashion blogger who writes about her undying love for everything fashionable in her blog Muse

Check out Confessionz of a Closet - Twisted tales of Hauz Khas for the review!

Shaily Khera, wearing Anra tunic!

Photo courtesy - Confessionz of a Closet & Bhawna Yadav

We are so happy to be featured on Confessionz of a Closet!

Till next time!

Have a Happy Week Ahead!


  1. you look gorgeous, i love how you put together all the pieces!

  2. shaily is so gorgeous!!i love the anra piece on her!

  3. Thanks....She carries off clothes so beautifully...

  4. Shaily's looking amazing in Anra!! :))
    Going to check out her post now!