Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Weather is Seasonal....Style is Eternal!

So it's the peak of summer and all that comes to mind is loose comfortable clothes, chilled drinks, air conditioning etc...right?
Well I would rather die in the heat, than walk out in clothes that don't fit properly....that's a strict no no!
So don't be shocked when I say that I have found the perfect jackets for this weather!

Let me introduce you to a fabulous brand by a super fabulous designer - 
'A' by Anubha Srivastav

Your clothes represent you, your style, your personality. 'A' Jacket is what you need when you want to make a statement. . 'A' provides Jackets for all occasions- Formal parties, Events, casual hangouts. 
As, some of us don't like to give up our style for any reason. For those who believe in comfort and style, 'A' delivers. 
Signature collection is Khadi (hand spun,hand woven) with Silk Jackets
'A' believes in using the purest forms of fabric and keeping it organic.

'A' by Anubha Srivastav, brings to you a line of jackets and vest in various shades of Khadi, keeping in mind that you don't have to lose style for comfort.

The spring summer 2013 collection gives Khadi a new twist with the detailing of 'chikankari' and is available in very fresh & lively colors.

The new collection by 'A' is showcasing for the first time in the US in Gotham City Films Studio, New York right now.

I would surely love to own one of these and I'm sure so would you.
So why wait? Visit her website to see more of her work!

Want to own one for yourself?
Write to her at

*This post is not meant to offend anyone's feelings

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