Friday, 2 August 2013

Fascinated or Fixated Fridays

As I have said time and again, I love accessories. Jewellery. Bags. Shoes. Scarves. I love them. 
So today's post - the Fascinated or Fixated Fridays post, being my blog's signature post will be on accessories!

Let me introduce you to Aditi Bhatt - Accessories & more. 
I found this brand through Facebook and I instantly fell in love with the collection. Launched in 2011, her brand stands for contemporary, colourful, & electryfying accessories. It’s a parade of hues you’ve never-seen-before. Beautiful,vibrant and full of life each piece is handmade with love. Unique designs with one of a kind enamel work. Stylish, wearable and a whole lot of fun! There is something for everyone!

Aditi Bhatt Accessories
Aditi Bhatt
"I graduated from NIFT(Gandhinagar) specialising in fashion and lifestyle accessories in 2011. After my course I started working on my label as I always had ideas I wanted to flesh. I wanted to make products that were ‘happy’ vivacious and full of life.And since colours have always been my weakness my products reflect that. I love working with enamel as it’s a versatile and fun medium to play with. I wanted to make jewellery that was fun and colourful and something that also had a strong luxurious feel to it." - Aditi Bhatt, as told to Fascinated or Fixated!

So now let see some of her designs.

Aditi bhatt accessories, earrings, pink & gold earrings, enamel jewelry
Baroque Earrings

Aditi bhatt accessories, colorful cuff, multi-color bracelet, enamel jewelry
Color Carnival Bracelet

Aditi bhatt accessories, floral necklace, floral charm necklace, enamel jewelry
Daisy Charm Bracelet

Aditi bhatt accessories, earrings, pink & blue earrings, enamel jewelry
Daisy Earrings

Aditi bhatt accessories, earrings, pink & gold earrings, enamel jewelry
Glamorous Lotus Earrings

Aditi bhatt accessories, colorful necklace, multi-color necklace, enamel jewelry
Color Carnival Necklace

Aditi bhatt accessories, statement ring, enamel jewelry
Jali Collection Ring

Aditi bhatt accessories, earrings, pink & gold earrings, enamel jewelry
Long Lotus Charm Necklace

Aditi bhatt accessories, lotus charm bracelet, gold & enamel bracelet, enamel jewelry
Lotus Charm Bracelet

Aditi Bhatt Accessories is available in various quirky boutiques in select cities. You can also shop the collection online. You can find all these details on her Facebook page - 

Great news for people in Baroda and Mumbai. Aditi Bhatt Accessories will be available at Trisha Gallery, Baroda on 3rd & 4th August and at Shopoholix, Blue Sea Worli, Mumbai on 10th August. 
If you live in Baroda or Mumbai, or planning to visit on these dates, don't forget to check out her collection. I am sure you too would fall in love with these beauties!

So what do you think of her collection? Are you fascinated or fixated?
Do comment below if you liked this post. I would love to hear you out!


  1. Gorgeous designs, I love all the colours! x

  2. Those are some beautiful jewelry pieces! I love the color.


  3. Hi Uparna! I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please refer to the following link.

  4. What beautiful designs! Aditi's love of colours really does shine through her collections.