Thursday, 30 November 2017


Zodiac signs and horoscopes have always been a subject of curiosity. You often find yourself going through your everyday horoscope and wearing your lucky colors or your lucky stones for good luck. Digging in deep in the Zodiac study, mentioned below are your lucky birthstones based on your zodiac sign:

1.      Aquarius: Aquarians are friendly, independent and intellectual. Matching their personality, Garnet is their zodiac birthstone. The January Birthstone, Garnet, is traditionally a burgundy red colored gemstone.
2.   Pisces: Amethyst is the zodiac birthstone for all the compassionate and imaginative Pisceans. This zodiac comprises of the dreamers and healers of the horoscope family. Ranging from light lavender rose to almost a purple-black, Amethyst is the February birthstone.
3.      Aries: Matching the adventurous and energetic personality of all the Arians, Bloodstone is the zodiac birthstone for all the March born. Showcasing attributes of good health, love and hope, Bloodstone was believed to have miraculous powers.
4.      Taurus: Sapphire is the zodiac birthstone for all the patient and warm-hearted Taurus. The most popular color of Sapphire is blue and it is believed to have medical and spiritual healing properties.
5.      Gemini: The zodiac birthstone for all the youthful and lively Gemini is Agate. The stone is said to possess strengthening and stabilizing energy that helps you in your daily tasks.
6.      Cancer: Emotional and intuitive Cancer has Emerald as her zodiac birthstone. This green colored May birthstone symbolizes rebirth, renewed youth and good fortune.
7.      Leo: Leos are perceived to be creative and enthusiastic people. Onyx is the zodiac birthstone for all the Leos and this dark and brooding quartz keeps the mind free from societal expectations and self-doubt.
8.      Virgo: With Carnelian as her zodiac birthstone, Virgos are believed to be practical and diligent. The color of Carnelian ranges from clear-to-translucent reddish-brown to an intense almost black. Possessing the qualities of a stabilising stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity.
9.      Libra: Librans are thought to be highly romantic and charming. Chrysolite is the zodiac birthstone for all the Librans and this stone is believed to bring good luck, riddance of troubles and prosperity to its owner.
10.  Scorpio: Considered to be passionate and magnetic, the Scorpions have Beryl as their zodiac birthstone. Beryl is often colorless and the energies of this stone fill you with courage and confidence.
11.  Sagittarius: Sagittarians are freedom loving and philosophical people. Matching their intellectual traits, Citrine is the zodiac birthstone for all the Sagittarians. This semi-precious, burnt-orange colored gemstone is associated with life and strength of body and mind.
12.  Capricorn: With their birthdays in the last month of the year, all the Capricorns are disciplined and ambitious. The red colored gemstone, Ruby, is the zodiac birthstone for all the December born and it is believed to bring harmony and peace to the life of the wearer. 

You can wear your birthstone with ease by getting it embedded in a gold ring or some other jewelry piece like a pendant or earring. If you don’t wish to get your ring customized, you can simply go out to a jewelry store, online or offline, and select the accessories carrying your birthstone. 

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