Thursday, 27 October 2011

October festivities and street shopping...


Durga Puja’ a religious festival devoted to Goddess Durga during the month of October in West Bengal, is an extravagant affair. It’s a 5 day long celebration where people rejoice, eat to their hearts content, and spend time with their family and friends, going through various pandals, praying to the goddess and resolving to lead a better year ahead!

For me it was a first but became a little frustrating as the crowd increased.

The more interesting thing is you can see a lot of interestingly dressed people and also otherwise!

Well, anyways, it’s a Bengali tradition to give some money to the children of the family, so well I went street shopping.

 I just fell in love with these dangling oriental looking earrings. It makes a little trickling sound when I walk.  A jute tote bag with a bamboo handle. A closer look at the material. Its white with an intricate Victorian motif in black printed on it.  This is a beautiful stone neck piece which has been tied together with a thick thread that makes it very rustic and chic. The eye-shadow pallets was inherited from my sister-in-law.  A very interesting necklace in oxidized silver.I really liked the oxidized necklace very much so I bought a second pair.

The detailing is so delicate.

All bargained and from the streets of Kolkata.

I was reading October Vogue when I found out that Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre was hosting an exhibition of photographs taken by Norman Parkinson as part of a photo shoot for British Vogue, in India in the 1950s. So I rushed and I was mesmerized. The pictures are taken all over India and they stand out, even though they are so simple. There are hardly any props used, the clothes look amazing and the backgrounds are so interestingly used.

And as I had mentioned in my last post, I uploaded my portfolio. Not much here but it’s a start.

Now if only somebody notices and gets me a job!

Well here's hoping for the best!

Photographs taken by : Me

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