Thursday, 7 June 2012

Always judge a book by the cover....

When we meet someone for the first time, we create an image, a personality of how that person might actually be. Its funny how sometimes you can be totally amazed at how different the person is from your own imagination. And that's why we say "Never judge a book by its cover"

But don't we all thrive to make ourselves presentable at all times and show off something that we don't actually have. Haven't we all, at any time, tried to win someone just by the way we look.

So, I think its time we have a new rule - "Always judge a book by its cover"

Lets see how this works...Here are a few of my pictures from a few days back.

My sister took these in our backyard.

Top - Kappahl, Jeans -  Kraus, Bag - Thrifted, Earrings - Thrifted

What does my photograph tell you about me? Am I a funny person or a loner?

We might see a lot of amusing results.....

This runs true for blogs as well. When I visit a new blog, there have been many times when I haven't bothered to look through the pages because the header image wasn't exciting or maybe the background was dull. There are so many reasons.

 Speaking of blog layouts, even after a lot of changes, I am still pondering over my blog layout....any suggestions?


  1. I love the statement, The cover does tell you a lot.
    Your dressing shows a lot. Perfect fashion statement.
    Keep it going.

  2. And I was thinking you never read my blog.....